Free Ads system


We are pleased to say, that our Free Ads/Hits In advertisement system has changed from from manual to an automated one.

Here is how our Free Ads system works:

When you place one of our Hits in links to Passion-4 on your site, we will give your site free advertising for as long a you have this link there.
The free advertisement will be placed on the main page at the top right hand corner of all categories through our Passion-4 site. So in short, this will give your site over 500 links within Passion-4.
You will however, only get the advertisements when your ‘Hits In’ link is visible and the hyperlink in correct.

How we calculate who gets the free advertisement:

We work the calculation on 'Ad Credits'. For every 1 ‘Hit In’ your site receives in Passion-4, we give you 1 ‘Ad Credit.’
The Site which has the most ‘Ad Credits’ after 1 hour will receive the FREE advertisement for the next hour and it’s ‘Ads Credits’ are reset to zero.

The site that has the next highest ‘Hits In’ receives the next hour’s FREE advertising and again this sites ‘Ads Credits’ are reset to zero.

New Sites who place a ‘Hits In’ link to Passion-4 will automatically override all sites when they reach ‘X’ number of hits. We will keep this figure secret to stop any fake 'hits in' figures.

As I am sure you are aware, this system will allow all sites to be advertised as it is a rolling system and all ‘Ad Credits’ will not be reset at the beginning of the month like the ‘Hits In’ and ‘Hits Out’ figures.

In Short: All sites will get free advertising yet the more 'hits in' a site achieves the more advertising it gets.

Click Here for ways on how to improve your free advertising by increasing your 'Hits in' count.

Good luck with your site.
The Passion-4 Team