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When someone connects to www.passion-4.com from another site this is termed as a 'Hit In'.
The 'Hits In' and 'Hits Out' are totaled the active matrix then uses this information to calculate how the page ranks.

On the right hand site of the Ranking Page there is a Stats Column which gives the detailed statistics of  any of the sites being hit. They are broken down and converted into simple bar charts, indicating how

If you have your own site and you would like to enable your Hits in to operate increasing your overall Hits to Increase helping your site to stay in the top 100, and hopefully moving your site into the top 5 where your advertisement banner automatically appears. (for Free)
This facility is available to for your use, but you are under no obligation to use it .

Q. Why would you want to link your site to passion-4 ?

A. For many reasons:-

  1. passion-4 ranks sites by the total 'Hits out' and by 'Hits in'. It is important to gain as many overall 'hits' as possible. By linking your site to passion-4, visitors form your site connect to passion-4 increase your 'Hits in' count.
  2. When applying for your link to passion-4, your website name, will be placed on the list for 'site of the week' which is on our front page. 
  3. When your site is placed 'Site of the week', visitors to our site connecting thought to your site via this link, will increase the 'Hits out' count for your site.
  4. When visitors to your site see you are in passion-4 The Internets Top 100 Sites Directory. They will know you are one of the top 100 sites on the internet of your category. 
  5. It is important to gain as many 'Hits out' and 'Hits in' as possible to maintain your status as being in passion-4 The Internets Top 100 Sites Directory. 
  6. If you achieve more than average 'Hits in' and 'Hits out' your site will move up the ranking page. When you made any of the top 5 positions your advertising banner will automatically appear.
  7. To make full use of the Stats  (click here to view a sample of stats)

If you would like to link from your site to Passion-4, utilizing the function 'Hits In' and the 'Stats', you need to establish a specific hyperlink  which   operates them. This can be achieved in a few simple steps:

1. Check your details on www.passion-4.com are correct. (click here for check list)
2. Decide if you would like to install a hyperlink button

To link your site to passion-4 please click on the preferred banner.

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