Improve 'Hits in' count in Passion-4

Thank you for taking time to learn how to improve your 'Hits in' within Passion-4.

The more hits in your site achieves:
  • The Higher ranking your site will get in Passion-4
    The higher your site gets in Passion-4 active matrix the more your site will be views by the internet surfer
  • The more Free Advertising your site will get in Passion-4
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  • If your site gets in to the top 5 you will get your sites banner shown automatically
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How to improve your Hits In

1 Place our banner on your main page - this is a great place to put our banner see C and L's Travel for a good example of this

2 You can place this link into your menu (head or foot) so it appears on all pages of your site.

3 You can place it on every page of your site.

4 Place our banner at the top of your links page.

Or you can use the Link Page method

The Link Page method

Its important for all sites to have a Links Page, for you will get looked at by a programme called a spidered used by Search Engines and Directories, this collects details of your website for their databases.

The websites on your links page will be looked over Spiders (bots, robots) and their details will be then taken and their sites will be then spidered, thus getting listing in a Search Engines or Directories. This is how all site eventually become listed in search engines, for there is NO one big directory for all websites, so this information has to be collected some how.

If you have a Links page place our banner at the top.

You can place more than one banner their, for example.
If you where a Building contractor you can place one link to our site pointing it to our main page then you can place another link pointing it to and so on.

Your site link page could look like this 

Our Links  
Building links

Builders  - The Top Builders
building Bodies - See all the building bodies
Building Materials - Find the building materials you need to do that job!
Building Merchants Find you nearest building merchants
or you can send to a category
Passion-4-Building - all you building need visit

Internet links - The Internets Top 100 sites Directory

and so on


The links above can be set up using a text or a banner.

All these URLs above can be be set up using your specific hyperlink that will add hits to your 'Hits in' counter
These can be set up using our automated 'Hits in' system to find out more please click here or to go straight to our automated system click here

Thanks for taking time to read this.

Good luck with your site.
The Passion-4 Team