Explanations of some of the technical terms you will find on our site and the Internet:
WWW World Wide Web or the 'Internet' for short the 'Net' 'web'
URL Universal Resource Locator or web address i.e. www.passion-4.com 
Online Connected to the Internet.
BOL Buy On Line. You can purchase goods online through web sites marked as BOL
Active Matrix Is the table where you will find the top 100 websites. 
Hyperlink Is a connection that links up to another page on the same web site, or connects you, to another website. 
They are usually
underlined and coloured blue, turning a different color once used. 
Hits When someone connects to a web site, it is known as a hit.
Hit Counter Is internet tool which counts how many hits a site receives. 
Hits out Is when you connect from the site you are on, to another site, using a hyperlink. Passion-4 counts these 'Hits Out' together with the 'Hits In', and calculates the information with the Active Matrix, to rank the page. This calculations takes place every 30 minutes. Giving you the most popular sites on the Internet.
Hits in Is when another site, has a hyperlink that connect to www.passion-4.com
Passion-4 counts these ' Hits In' together with the ' Hits Out', and calculates the information with the Active Matrix, to rank the page.
(For a more detailed explication click here)
Rank Is the positioning of the web sites in order of popularity.
Anti-Cheat An Anti-Cheat stops a user from continually clicking on one particular website, trying to increase its ranking position on the Active Matrix
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