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Passion-4 ranks sites by the total 'Hits out' and 'Hits in'. It is important to gain as many overall 'hits' as possible.

Q.            Why would you want to link your site to Passion-4 ?
A. 1 To improve your ranking within Passion-4
  2 If your site ranks higher than position 5 your banner will automatically appear
  3 If your tell us via email you have placed one of Passion-4's 'Hits in' link on the main page of your site
We will place your site on our list for a featured spot in the coming future. (free advertising)
  4 When we feature your site, all visitors connecting via this specific link, will increase your 'Hits in' count again helping to rank your site higher in Passion-4.
  5 Having a 'Hits in' link will enable your sites 'stats ' to function properly
  6 Visitors to your site will be impressed that your site is one of  'The Top 100 Sites on the Internet' of your specific category
  7 If your site does well and has the highest total overall hits at the end of the month. It will win The Top Site Award for the following month as see on the Home page
  8 It is important to gain as many 'Hits in' and 'Hits out' as possible to maintain your status in Passion-4
  9 If you are looking at more ways to improve your web ranking with Passion-4 click here
Requesting a 'Hits in' Link.
Requesting a link to Passion-4 is now an automated system.
You can either check out our banner and by clicking on any of them it will take you through to our automated system or simply click here
Remember: Please email us letting us know when our banner is on your site so we can place your site as site of the week.
Of course giving us details of your site and category where it is placed. 

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    Changing your Banner

    It is simple to change your banner from one banner to another.
    For example - If you have Link 1 and wanted to change to Link 4.
    In the coding you will find a Banner URL (this banner is for Link1) 
    By replacing the number 1 in this URL to the number 4 (or number of the link you require) this will automatically change the banner. As this change show's
    Note - Please be careful not to add image sizes or this might distort banners.


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