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Name Description URL Location
Site Description
Location   Hits Out Hits In Stats
Monkey World
Set amongst the woodland of Dorset lays 65 acres of sanctuary for over 150 primates

United Kingdom
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2Banham Zoo  
Come eye to eye with some of nature's most magnificent predators at one of the most exciting wildlife attractions in the country. Rated amongst UK's top 3 Zoos by WHICH.

United Kingdom
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3Bristol Zoo  
On this site you can find a wealth of information on visiting the Zoo and our conservation and education work

United Kingdom
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4Colchester Zoo  
Colchester Zoo has some of the best cat and primate collections in Europe. See a White Tiger eye to eye in White Tiger Valley, or get closer to the Zoo's Chimpanzees at Chimp World

United Kingdom
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Dublin Zoo
Dublin Zoo is part of a worldwide network of zoos working together to breed endangered species. Studbooks are used to manage this captive breeding. Dublin Zoo holds the European studbooks for species including the Moluccan Cockatoo and the Golden Lio

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6Edinburgh Butterfly World  
Enjoy the great pleasure of watching hundreds of the worlds most spectacular and colourful butterflies flying all around you

United Kingdom
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7Edinburgh Zoo  
Edinburgh Zoo opened in 1913, in leafy hillside parkland just ten minutes from the centre of Edinburgh. Recognised as one of the world’s leading zoos, we are involved in many conservation breeding programmes, and we give the highest priority to the..

United Kingdom
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8EntsWeb Entertainment & Leisure Guide  
Zoos, Aquariums & Wildlife Parks

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9London Zoo  
London Zoo houses many of the Zoological Society of London's smaller animals including a wonderful range of reptiles, fish, invertebrates, birds and small mammals. Of the more than 650 species at London Zoo, 112 are listed as threatened in the Red

United Kingdom
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10The Otter Trust  
The Otter Trust is a registered charity and was founded by Philip and Jeanne Wayre in 1971. In 1975 they purchased River Farm at Earsham near Bungay to set up the Trust's headquarters. The collection of otters to be seen there is the largest in...

United Kingdom
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11Paignton Zoo  
Paignton Zoo Environmental Park - Home to some of the world's most endangered plants and animals. Through our website we hope to offer everything you may wish to know about visiting the Zoo, as well as a wealth of information about our habitats an

United Kingdom
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12Knowsley Safari Park  
Knowsley Safari Park was opened to the public in July 1971 by the 18th Earl of Derby. Then, the `safari park' concept of having visitors in cages (cars) and the animals roaming free based on the drive-through game reserves of East Africa was...

United Kingdom
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13North Wales Zoos  
Welsh Mountain Zoo, Colwyn Bay-Anglesey Sea Zoo and Sea Life Aquarium, Rhyl

North Wales
United Kingdom
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14Twycross Zoo  
Twycross Zoo opened in 1963 on a site in Leicestershire. Initially a comparatively modest collection, it has grown into one of the major British zoos, attracting 400,000 visitors a year. It is famous for its collection of primates.

United Kingdom
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15The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust  
The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust is the largest international wetland conservation charity in the UK. Founded in 1946 by the artist and naturalist Sir Peter Scott (1909 - 1989), WWT has 9 visitor centres where people can get closer to wetland birds

United Kingdom
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16Chester Zoo  
Chester Zoo covers an area of over 100 acres within a total land holding of over 400 acres. The Zoo was founded in the early 1930s by George Mottershead, this followed an earlier venture in partnership with Dr. English of developing a small zoo at Sh

United Kingdom
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17UK Zoo Directory  
UK and Worldwide Zoo Directory

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18Southport Zoo  
Southport Zoo is family run, and has been completely rebuilt since 1969. Carol and Doug Petrie have built up a varied collection of animals, all living in family groups. The breeding success of stock is very apparent as you walk around. We are playin

United Kingdom
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19Dudley Zoo & Castle  
There’s something for everyone at Dudley Zoo & Castle. . .animals aplenty, an ancient monument – and we’re big on conservation too!

United Kingdom
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20Suffolk Wildlife park  
Suffolk Wildlife Park a Suffolk Attraction and Wildlife animal Park featuring wild animals - birds near Kessingland Lowestoft - East Anglia UK

United Kingdom
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21Curraghs Wildlife Park  
Administered by the Isle of Government, the Curraghs Wildlife Park is home to over 100 species. Developed adjacent to the Ballaugh Curraghs, the most important wetland conservation site in the Isle of Man, the Park exhibits mainly wetland species

Isle of Man
United Kingdom
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22Whipsnade Wild Animal Park  
Whipsnade Wild Animal Park

United Kingdom
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23Woburn Safari Park  
Woburn Safari Park offers a real safari adventure in your car. Tour reserves with wild tigers, lions, bears, wolves, buffalo, rhinos, elephants, monkeys, antelope and giraffes. On foot, see penguins and sealions, lemurs and monkeys

United Kingdom
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